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The Dash is a cryptocurrency that was launched in 2014 by Evan Duffield and was developed from the open source code of Bitcoin. Dash was born from the desire to allow its users an anonymity during the various transactions.

The primary purpose of Dash is to solve the problems raised by other crypto-currencies developed before it. That is to say propose a fast system (see snapshot), and especially entirely anonymous. But his major innovation is the decentralized system created by altcoin. Any participant in the Dash network can submit a proposal to improve its operation. Then this proposal is submitted to a vote of the Masternodes. It is also possible for the community to vote for the expulsion of a Masternode if it considers that it is acting against the interests of the group.

Another important goal of Dash is accessibility: altcoin wants to bring viable financial systems to regions that do not yet have them. And counter the major global banks, which have processes of account opening that can be long and complex in emerging countries. In the future, Dash wants to be the simplest and most reliable payment solution for individual shipments.

It is important to note that the Dash ecosystem operates in a two-tiered architecture:

The Proof of Work: By validating transactions, minors are directly rewarded in Dash. The latter are directly responsible for the security of transactions.

The Proof Of Stake: In addition to the traditional Work Proof (PoW) rewards for Dash extraction, users are also rewarded for running and maintaining special servers called "masternodes". This allows you to access other features such as confidentiality and instant transaction processing.
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